Wall Street’s Best Digest | October 14, 2021

Here is your October Wall Street’s Best Digest, issue 846.

In the past month, the markets have been seesawing—mostly due to Washington shenanigans—but the overall long-term picture continues to be bright. The rise in housing prices seems to be mitigating, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.8%, and FactSet expects the S&P 500 companies to produce earnings growth of more than 27% for this quarter. So, the fundamentals appear to be in place for a longer bull run, although as I often say—it’s a stock-picker’s, not a dartboard, market.

And with that in mind, our contributors have found some very interesting companies for you this month.

We begin with our Spotlight Stock, a company that you’ve probably never heard of, but is actually the worldwide leader in auto mirror dimming products. It has grown internally, and by acquisition, which I explore a bit more in my Feature article.

Our Growth stocks this month include an online gaming company, an auto parts supplier, a business that makes athletic/leisure wear, and a safety clothing manufacturer. In Growth & Income, you’ll find a food manufacturer.

Our Value picks this month are an advertising/communications company and a steel maker. Our Financial recommendations are an insurance company and a Business Development Company. In Healthcare, our advisors recommended a couple of testing/device firms, some biotechs, and large pharma’s.

In Technology, you’ll find a variety of ideas, including a work management software provider, a company that makes motion products, a business specializing in 3-D digitization, a couple of semiconductor businesses, and a space technology company.

Our contributors still like Resources, Energy, and Utility stocks, and here, we offer choices from the mining, exploration & production, utility, and equipment services sectors. Our Low-Priced stocks include a voice and vision communications business and a solar energy company.

In Preferred Stocks and High Yield, we offer ideas from the insurance, gas utility, and pipeline industries. And lastly, our Funds & ETFs section includes ESG, solar, real estate, and telecom funds.

My monthly Platinum Club webinar will be on November 3, at 2pm Eastern. I hope you will join me to get an update on the market, as well as my newsletter ideas for the month.

And as always, please don’t hesitate to email me with your feedback and questions. My address is nancy@cabotwealth.com.


The indexes are not showing a lot of strength one way or the other. When the major indexes are in neutral, and the economic forecasts are weakening and inflation seems to be getting worse and the supply chains across the entire spectrum seem to be broken, it is hard to see how this market rallies…
Gentex designs, develops, manufactures, and supplies digital vision, connected car, dimmable glass, and fire protection products, including: automatic-dimming and non-automatic-dimming rearview mirrors and electronics for the automotive industry; dimmable aircraft windows for the aviation industry; and commercial smoke alarms and signaling devices for the fire protection industry. Automotive revenues represented about 98% of the company’s…
Our Spotlight Stock, Gentex Corporation (GNTX) is probably not a name that you find instantly recognizable. Unless you are an automobile manufacturer, where Gentex owns the market in dimmable mirrors. Founded in 1974, the company is the recognized world leader in the manufacturing of electrochromic, automatic-dimming mirrors for the auto industry. Gentex sells to nearly…

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