Wall Street’s Best Digest 826

I just returned from the Orlando Money Show, where I had an opportunity to see and speak with several of our contributors. The mood was festive, and the advisors were optimistic. And why not? The markets continue to outperform, as we navigate through the nasty election season. Both investors and advisors continue to be very bullish, as you can see from our Advisor Sentiment Barometer, as well as our Market Views.

The economy is very strong, with a healthy housing market, steady employment, and good retail sales. We’ve yet to see if the coronavirus outbreak will have any major and long-lasting effects on the global economy.

But for now, the investment opportunities are plentiful. Read the Issue for more details.


It’s been another solid week for the market, with the major indexes kiting higher and, while individual stocks were a bit more mixed and news-driven, most are acting just fine. Overall, not much has really changed from a week ago—the vast majority of evidence remains bullish, especially the primary evidence (trends and action of the…

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