Sector Xpress Greentech Advisor | August 4, 2021

Building Up
The $1 trillion infrastructure bill is now in the Senate’s hands, meaning Greentech faces a pivot point. Passage of the bill is a potential catalyst to get our sector out of its recent range-bound activity and back on bullish footing. Failure of the bill probably gives bears new life in the near term—investors pretty quickly get used to the idea of more money coming and, like the “taper tantrums” of the past decade, tend to express displeasure through their trading desks.

We’ve said before Greentech doesn’t need direct government support to succeed—renewable energy continued to take market share in recent years even under previously unsupportive federal leadership. This issue, we’re adding two stocks to our portfolio that show excellent strength due to macro trends and at least one of which will help catch any infrastructure bill momentum as well. We also make some shifts in our existing portfolio and watchlist as we adjust to market reactions to earnings.

A good opportunity to step out of the daily volatility of the market and get some perspective on the longer term would be to attend the 9th Annual Smarter Investing, Greater Profits Online Conference, August 17-19. My fellow analysts and I will present our look ahead and some of our best picks for the next year.

Contact me anytime with questions or comments at Thank you for joining me on the path to climate profits.


Overview Just about 12 years ago a climate scientist detailed for us the consensus climate model for the U.S. water supply under global warming. It predicted permanent drought for the west and increased rainfall in the northeast, coming from more intense storms than the region had historically experienced. Like all serious scientists, the climate model…
Overview Greentech relies a lot on efficiency, making maximal use of the energy at hand and getting it to where it needs to be. That means the semiconductors that manage processes can command a premium put on less power usage, better power management, superior heat dissipation, lighter weight and smaller footprints. The shift toward EVs…
The ESG Three are three technically strong stocks selected from the 200 most-held stocks in environmental, social and governance focused mutual funds and ETFs. We screen further to eliminate widely held companies we believe have clear ESG problems. ESG fund holdings tend to be weighted toward blue-chip companies drawn from every industry which are rated…

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