September 2021 Magazine

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It’s no secret; the economy is recovering very nicely from the coronavirus pandemic—as you can see in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) graph below. And for the third quarter, GDP growth is forecast to reach even greater heights—a stunning 7%! This strengthening has been a boon to both investors and consumers. As you know, the…
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With the broad indexes trading near all-time highs, expectations this earnings season are obviously sky-high. However, when investors (both retail and institutional alike) expect record-setting earnings growth there is always bound to be volatility with companies that miss targets or hit targets but fail to beat expectations by a big enough margin. We’ve already seen…
three mobile homes
When you think about the housing boom you’re probably picturing urban and suburban homebuyers throwing all-cash offers at the first suitable condo or single-family home they see. You may also think about price increases pushing the average homebuyer further and further away from affordability. Fortunately, there’s a segment of the market that not only helps…

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