November 2021 Magazine

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Knowing how to negotiate is one of those things I wish I’d known how to do much earlier in life. It would have saved me thousands of dollars, and hours of mental anguish. But I learned it the hard way, by making mistakes and wasting money and time that I could have put to better…
Per Morningstar, “Fund flows, also referred to as asset flows or just ‘flows,’ measure the net movement of cash into and out of investment vehicles like mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.” This can help you identify how institutional money is moving, and which assets or asset classes these big-money investors are targeting. Fund flows are…
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I’ve spent the last 35 years of my professional life focusing on stocks and the stock market. I haven’t kept track over the years, but I’ve probably written about more than a thousand different stocks and companies in that time. Most of these companies have been part of an ever-shifting investment portfolio, but a select…

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