July 2021 Magazine

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By the end of March 2020, almost all travel came to a screeching halt, due to COVID-19. Now that the pandemic seems to be waning in the U.S., all that stored up travel desire is about to come bursting out! While international travel is still mostly shut down, nearly everyone I know has already taken…
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When I started my career with Eaton Vance I was fortunate enough to work with insanely smart people, many of whom had the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and MBAs from some of the best graduate schools in the world. The firm’s great culture meant everyone was friendly and welcoming and I was fortunate that my…
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I recently noticed some seemingly ludicrous options trading activity in AMC Entertainment (AMC) in which a buyer was making significant out-of-the-money call buys. If you’ve been following the so-called “meme” stocks at all, you may have an idea where this is headed. At the time, I took the opportunity to highlight that trade to some…

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