December 2021 Magazine

Do you remember layaways? I sure do. When I was a child, during the holiday season, my mom would take my brother and me down to the local Sears store on Friday evenings and make her layaway payment. My brother and I really had no idea that she was pre-paying—sort of on an installment plan—the…
gold bitcoin on digital stock chart
Serious gold investors (gold bugs) love gold because of its ability to store value during tumultuous times and its use as an inflation hedge. Plus, gold has been highly valued throughout most of history. Bitcoin buyers and other crypto enthusiasts, however, would argue that bitcoin offers the same level of protection but is superior due…
a folded newspaper with markets section
With the passage (and signing) of the recent $1 trillion infrastructure bill, there’s been a lot of conversation around how it could affect the markets. But the fact of the matter is that trading on the news (infrastructure this month, who knows what next month) doesn’t usually pan out the way investors expect. On its…

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