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No matter who you are, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted you in some way. While we’ve certainly seen our share of negative outcomes, we’ve also seen people rise to the occasion to help their neighbors, change their lifestyles, and support each other. Even so, I think it’s safe to say that, at the least, we…
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Growth investing is the darling of investor imagination. Buy a stock at a low price, and hang on while it skyrockets in value. But growth eventually comes to an end. Meanwhile, value investing takes a backseat. It’s not as cool or “fun” and it takes patience. Some might even say that the days of value…
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It’s an election year, and you can pretty much count on people buying more guns up until the 2020 election. Whenever there is a strong Democratic candidate, gun-owners stock up. The gun industry historically has had significant booms and busts. Currently, the U.S. is experiencing a boom given unprecedented demand for guns and ammo; Smith…

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