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As the growth and tech stocks that drove the equity rally during the pandemic rapidly cool off, investors are eager to put their money to work elsewhere. Increasingly, that destination appears to be “reopening stocks,” companies poised to benefit from widespread vaccination and an end to lockdowns. Expectations are high for a big economic rebound…
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When you think of value investing, most don’t associate semiconductor stocks. The companies that develop the chips that drive all of our technology are rarely “on sale” and in fact, they usually range from “expensive” to “extremely expensive.” What keeps them expensive? The answer to that is easy: Rapid near-term growth Strong forward visibility provided…
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Since last April, the U.S. Dollar Index, which measures the currency’s price relative to other major currencies, has declined about 10%. The current 90.51 price marks a 3-year low. While this level remains about in the middle of the index’s 30-year band, there are credible risks that could push the dollar lower. Standout risks include…

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