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Perhaps unsurprisingly, tobacco company shares have fallen out of favor in recent years, with some share prices down 40% or more from their 2017 highs even as the stock market has surged. First, the growing influence of ESG-minded investors has weighed on the shares. From a fundamental perspective, a major issue has been the acceleration…
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It seems like the financial markets are in constant conflict over whether growth stock investing or value stock investing is the better pursuit. Growth investors obviously love rapid capital appreciation while value investors like to take advantage of fundamental valuation, more price stability, and the occasional dividend. For the past 10 years, growth stocks have…
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Many of the most successful investors are contrarians who buy unpopular stocks at bargain prices. Not only do these stocks offer the potential for strong returns regardless of the market’s direction, their low valuations can dampen the effect of sharp declines in mega-cap popular stocks. However, buying just any unpopular stock isn’t a great strategy.…

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