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My dad didn’t worry too much about retirement. He was a truck driver, and the Teamsters offered a pension plan. He figured that with Social Security in his future, he didn’t need to spend too much time fretting about money for his golden age. My, how times have changed! The 1980s were the halcyon days…
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Investing for retirement is one thing, but what about investing after retirement, when you no longer have a steady paycheck or a company-supported 401(k) or IRA? That can be a bit scary if you don’t have a plan. Fortunately, the “plan” doesn’t have to be complicated. Really, there are two strategies that can help alleviate…
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Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are special purpose entities with special tax status, that own real estate and pass along most of the income from that real estate (rents or mortgage payments) to shareholders. They can own any type of real estate, and many specialize in one type, like apartment buildings, malls, office buildings,…

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