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After a year of staggering performance in growth and technology (the Nasdaq returned 42% for the year), the recent weakness was largely foreseeable, and the arrival of volatility and selling pressure in tech and growth stocks that had previously been steering the market rally was enough to bring the Nasdaq into correction territory. It weighed…
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This year for Father’s Day my wife bought me a Sonos Move, which is a wireless speaker that is touted as having brilliant sound with voice and app control. I was thrilled with this gift as our previous wireless speaker was good, but not great. Unfortunately, while my wife’s gift was very generous, for months…
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In late May the market had recovered some of its big losses from March, yet there was little trust in the small bounce-back for stocks. However, large hedge funds and institutions had started to buy call options in Peloton (PTON), and I was very intrigued about this somewhat recent IPO, that had mostly chopped around…

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3 Lessons for the Intermediate Options Trader

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How to Know Your Options

How to Know Your Options

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