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Growth stocks have been the clear market leaders since the pandemic-induced crash just last year and, in fact, growth stocks have dramatically outperformed value stocks for most of the last 15 years or so. Inevitably, when certain segments of the market (like FAANG stocks) show these levels of performance, investors start asking whether we’re in…
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Most investors are well aware that Wall Street can be a dirty place. Retail investors in particular often come to the conclusion that it’s the little guy that always gets the short end of the stick. That’s not entirely untrue. Retail investors don’t have the same tools and frequently don’t have the same information as…
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After a year of staggering performance in growth and technology (the Nasdaq returned 42% for the year), the recent weakness was largely foreseeable, and the arrival of volatility and selling pressure in tech and growth stocks that had previously been steering the market rally was enough to bring the Nasdaq into correction territory. It weighed…

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How to Know Your Options

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