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In the 2019 film Ford v. Ferrari— a true story set in the 1960s—a stodgy Ford Motor Company, desperate to appeal to a new generation of thrill-seeking young drivers, took up a challenge to beat Ferrari at the legendary Le Mans, a 24-hour race considered to be the most prestigious indicator of car-building and racing…
In 2020, Tesla has been a great stock to own, zooming 424% and splitting its stock 5-for-1 in the process. Long-term, I think investors with large unrealized capital gains in Tesla (TSLA) should continue to hold the stock, simply because prospects for the company are still bright, as it revolutionizes not only the automobile industry…
It’s been a bit rough for the market lately. Given the prior prolonged runs in many of them, my guess is that many of these stocks are going to need time before starting their next upmoves. However, there have been a few growing positive stock market trends emerge. Trend #1: First is the fact that…

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10 Rules for Big Profits in Growth Stocks

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6 Ways to Pick Monster Growth Stocks

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