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Chemicals are of paramount importance to the modern world, as many of the everyday materials we take for granted are results of modern chemistry. From rubber to plastics to paint, chemical companies convert raw materials into countless thousands of consumer products which lower costs and improve living standards for everyone. The chemical industry constitutes 15%…
John Templeton, dean of global investing, began his famed global stock-picking career scooping up ignored Japanese stocks in the 1960s. In the 1980s, when many thought Japan was an unstoppable economic juggernaut, its stock market delivered an average annual return of 36%. Then the bubble burst and Japan’s stock market was at best a sideshow,…
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In the on-again-off-again clash with China, it’s impossible to ignore the dependence both countries have on one another through global supply chains and trade. The finer workings of this relationship are enough to dizzy the most educated of economists. And you can’t take any single part of this into consideration without looking at the broader…

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6 Rules for Investing in the Best Global Stocks

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Understanding Global Investing

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