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I’ve recently written about receiving two unsolicited offers to buy properties I own which may have seemed incredibly strange just a few years ago but is becoming increasingly common. The housing market is white hot and industry insiders aren’t anticipating significant near-term changes in demand due to the ongoing low inventory. The catch with the…
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Happy New Year! I know you’re as pleased as I am to put 2020 to rest. But with the new year—drumroll please—it’s time to make our Resolutions for 2021! Yes, it’s true, resolutions are made to be broken. And I’m just like the 94% of people who don’t keep theirs (according to Every year,…
Perspective of golf ball going into hole with golfer in background
This year has been turned upside down in many ways. That includes the sport of golf. In recent years, golf has seen its active player numbers steadily decline as baby boomers age and youngsters eschew this traditional country club sport. So who would have thought that its popularity would surge during a pandemic? In 2020…

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7 Ways to Build and Protect Your Wealth

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How to Be a Successful Investor for Life

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Understanding Financial Statements

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