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5G is the latest generation of cellular technology, and it’s currently being rolled out nationwide. This isn’t going to just improve your coverage or marginally increase your data speeds; it’s an exponential improvement over prior generations of cell phone technology. A new generation rolls around every 10 years or so, from the first one that…
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Income investors are in a tough spot right now. The interest rates on CDs and savings accounts are negligible and won’t even keep pace with inflation. At the same time, bonds (while offering slightly higher yields) are staring ahead to a market that will almost certainly bring rising interest rates and lower bond prices. Meanwhile,…
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We’re coming off an epoch year. The calendar year of 2020 is one for the ages. A global pandemic brought the world to its knees. The economy crashed as a result of the lockdowns. But the market loves it. The indexes are at all-time highs and giving every indication of moving still higher. Say what…

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Understanding Dividend Investing

Understanding Dividend Investing

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