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We’re coming off an epoch year. The calendar year of 2020 is one for the ages. A global pandemic brought the world to its knees. The economy crashed as a result of the lockdowns. But the market loves it. The indexes are at all-time highs and giving every indication of moving still higher. Say what…
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It looks like the long-awaited coronavirus vaccine has finally arrived. That’s great news all around. It’s also a huge benefit for stocks. A vaccine could mean the end of this pandemic. The end of lockdowns means that the economy can free the other arm that is still tied behind its back and absolutely boom next…
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Many things are uncertain, but one thing we know is that this pandemic will end someday and I believe in a bull market Promised Land on the other side of this pandemic. I think the economy will surprise everyone and boom beyond what most economists expect. We already got the bear market over with. Once…

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Understanding Dividend Investing

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