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3 LEAP Call Options Pros

If you’re familiar with stock trading but are new to options, LEAPS (Long-term equity anticipation securities) can be an excellent entry point. LEAP call options have a longer time horizon  

Resources & Energy 840

B2Gold Corp. (BTG) | Daily Alert April 5 Commodities—oil, silver, copper, and aluminum—have all recovered this year. The one exception is gold. Its reputation as the ideal inflation hedge has been  

Technology 840

Shopify Inc. (SHOP, SHOP.TO) | Daily Alert March 19 Ottawa-based Shopify is a leading global commerce company that provides trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail businesses. Many  

Resources & Energy 839

Anglo American plc (NGLOY) | Daily Alert February 26 Anglo American is in a strong uptrend and has a diverse portfolio of assets. Anglo American is the largest producer of platinum  

Technology 839

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD)| Daily Alert February 19 A recent industry survey showed that (a) security spending growth is set to accelerate in 2021, (b) 90%-plus of firms are dedicating more  

Technology 838

Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. (UCTT) | Daily Alert January 25 Ultra Clean Holdings shares look timely, reflected by their high Quadrix scores for Momentum (91), Earnings Estimates (93), and Performance (77).  

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*MDU Resources Group, Inc. (MDU) MDU Resources scores in the top 30% of our research universe for returns on assets, equity, and investment. Operating profit margins are also trending higher, the