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Do you recognize these lyrics, “Telegram just had to say, you've learned your lesson all the way. Western Union…” The lyrics come from the Western Union song, by the Five Americans,  

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Western Union is a leading global money transfer company, with a highly recognized brand and an immensely broad reach provided by over 550,000 branches in nearly every country around the  

Feature Article 847

As we emerge from the pandemic, the lodging sector is finding favor among investors. According to NAREIT, returns for Lodging REITs are 15.4% so far this year. And that’s good  

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Park Hotels is the second-largest publicly traded lodging REIT in the U.S. And since it’s a REIT, you already know one of the reasons I like it: those dividend distributions that  

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Our Spotlight Stock, Gentex Corporation (GNTX) is probably not a name that you find instantly recognizable. Unless you are an automobile manufacturer, where Gentex owns the market in dimmable mirrors. Founded  

Spotlight Stock 846

Gentex designs, develops, manufactures, and supplies digital vision, connected car, dimmable glass, and fire protection products, including: automatic-dimming and non-automatic-dimming rearview mirrors and electronics for the automotive industry; dimmable aircraft  

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As many of you long-time subscribers know, I love Real Estate Investment Trusts! Their nice cash flow and general stability have kept many of my portfolios out of hot water  

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One of our favorite areas of the REIT sector to invest is in the net lease subsector. This is where you'll find the well-known triple net lease names who've not only