Current Portfolio

Our primary portfolio is the Greentech Real Money Portfolio—we invest alongside subscribers in the picks we make. That portfolio is designed to be fully invested at 12 stocks of equally  

Our Greentech Timer

Greentech continues to be not-bullish and is also not-bearish. We’re rangebound, stuck below the moving averages above and a lack of bearish initiative to sell lower. On a macro basis,  

The ESG Three

The ESG Three are three technically strong stocks selected from the 200 most-held stocks in environmental, social and governance focused mutual funds and ETFs. We screen further to eliminate widely  

ON Semiconductor Corp.

Overview Greentech relies a lot on efficiency, making maximal use of the energy at hand and getting it to where it needs to be. That means the semiconductors that manage processes  

First Trust Water ETF

Overview Just about 12 years ago a climate scientist detailed for us the consensus climate model for the U.S. water supply under global warming. It predicted permanent drought for the west  

Current Portfolio | WSBS 821

Wall Street's Best Stocks Portfolio Conservative Stocks Symbol Date Bought Price Bought Price on 8/2/2021 Dividends YTD Div Freq. Gain/ Loss % Rating The Coca-Cola Company KO 2/2/21 $41.90 $56.88 $0.84 Quarterly 38% Hold Investors Bancorp, Inc. ISBC 7/6/21 $13.90 $13.68 $0.00 Quarterly -2% Sell Mueller Water Products, Inc. MWA 8/3/21 New $14.75 $0.00 Quarterly New Buy Sun Life Financial Inc. SLF 6/2/21 $54.08 $51.83 $0.00 Quarterly -4% Buy TC Energy Corporation TRP 2/2/21 $42.73 $48.31 $1.40 Quarterly 16% Hold Moderate  

Portfolio Updates | WSBS 821

Conservative Stocks As a conservative investor, you are less willing to accept market swings and significant changes in the value of your portfolio in the short- or long-term. Capital preservation is