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Welcome to Wall Street’s Best Digest—where you get specific advice from the best investing minds on Wall Street, financial wizards like:

  • Gordon Pape
  • Mike Cintolo
  • Hilary Kramer
  • Bernie Schaefer
  • Bob Carlson
  • Richard Howe
  • Tom Bishop
  • Brit Ryle
  • Jason Stutman
  • Stephen Todd
  • Ian Wyatt
  • John Gray

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Dear Investor,

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Nancy Zambell, Editor-in-Chief of Wall Street’s Best Digest here at the Financial Freedom Federation—your resource for financial independence. We believe that investing in the stock market is the best way to ensure that you’ll have a comfortable—and filthy rich—retirement.

Maybe you’ve read my book Make Money Buying & Selling Stocks—or you’ve seen and heard me lecture and teach about stocks and investing at The Money Show or some other investing conference.

And, not to brag, but I’ve been quoted extensively in The Wall Street JournalInvestor’s Business DailyUSA Today, and Businessweek—because of my highly accurate forecasts.

Making money in the stock market is my life, and I’ve been doing it for a long time. And because I’ve been around many of the big names on Wall Street for years—and many of these folks are natural-born dealmakers—it was only inevitable to start talking about how we might work together.

And that’s how Wall Street’s Best Digest was born—so that people like you can gain access to the best stock recommendations on the planet from Wall Street’s best analysts—the gurus, the wizards—those who have already made their clients and subscribers millions and millions of dollars.

But, I first have to make one thing perfectly clear to you: your privacy, indeed your very identity, is precious to us—we will not rent or sell your name or email address to anyone. Your privacy is always protected.

Wall Street's Best Digest

TODAY ONLY: Get the Best Stock Picks of Wall Street’s Top 200 Investing Gurus!

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Now back to those natural-born dealmakers! We worked out a sweetheart deal for our subscribers to get regular access to the best stock recommendations from these 200 Wall Street gurus, every day the stock market is open—in Wall Street’s Best Digest!

How does Wall Street’s Best Digest work?

Great news! You get all the benefit of these top stock recommendations from the best-known Wall Street minds, and a whole bunch of other people—recognized experts—do all the work. As it should be!

You don’t have to go to The Money Show or even scour the Internet for information to make good stock choices. You can sip your coffee and wear your pajamas in the comfort of your own home while accessing the regular recommendations of the best of the best on Wall Street—with a subscription to Wall Street’s Best Digest!

Here’s how it all works:

  • I solicit Wall Street’s top investing minds—our competitors, really—to give me their top stock picks.
  • I compile all of these top recommendations into the digest each month, together with my analysis and commentary to help you evaluate these stock ideas for yourself.
  • You receive daily email alerts and updates on these positions—and new picks, too—so you always have fresh new ideas.

The result is the Federation’s Wall Street’s Best Digest stock advisory, which brings you investment recommendations from top gurus in the investing world—for FREE.

Today, we republish the top stock picks of more than 200 of Wall Street’s top gurus with dozens more asking if they can become a part of Wall Street’s Best Digest.

What’s in it for you?

You get the opportunity to sample the investment advice of more than 200 advisories without their knowing your name and without your feeling like you’re going to get some kind of daily sales pitch to sign up. They have no idea who you are, so there’s no pressure.

What’s in it for the Wall Street gurus?

The gurus get the opportunity to introduce you to their advisories in hopes that, if you like their advice and winning recommendations, you’ll subscribe or hire them to manage your portfolio. But, there’s no obligation on your part—and, as I’ve mentioned—these gurus will never know your name or identity, unless you choose to contact them yourself.

What’s in it for us?

It offers us just one more opportunity to fulfill our mission of bringing you the best investment ideas on the planet and the best investment value on Wall Street as well—all to help you achieve and maintain financial security and independence!

Wall Street's Best Digest

TODAY ONLY: Get the Best Stock Picks of Wall Street’s Top 200 Investing Gurus!

Be one of the next 37 people to respond—before all the spots are taken!


 Now Meet a Few of the 200 Stock Gurus
Whose Top Picks You’ll Find in Wall Street’s Best Digest

    • John Gray, editor of Investors Intelligence, where technical investors rely on daily to maximize their trading profits
    • Mike Cintolo, Chief Analyst of Cabot Growth Investor and Cabot Top Ten Trader advisories that have been helping investors double their money since 1970
    • Roger Conrad, former editor of Utility Forecaster, whose reputation for finding Wall Street’s highest dividend-paying stocks for the past 20 years is unequaled. Rated by The Hulbert Financial Digest as one of the best stock pickers of all time, you’ll find his top picks here in Investment Digest, too
    • Brit Ryle, editor of The Wealth Advisory which helps investors make better and more profitable investment decisions

These are just four of the more than 200 investment advisors whose top picks we republish in Wall Street’s Best Digest. Other advisors include Adrian Day, David Dittman, Bob Carlson, Charles B. Carlson, Harry Domash, Richard Moroney, and Gordon Pape—to name just a few.

All of these Wall Street gurus have agreed to send us their top picks FREE as their way of letting you anonymously sample their investment advice without you being subject to any kind of sales pitch. Remember, we value your privacy—your name and email address and your identity will remain private and confidential, known only to us.


Here are some returns that you’ll find difficult to achieve on your own in the stock market.

Check out these examples of the types of profits our readers have banked over the years from Wall Street’s top minds—directly from advice in Wall Street’s Best Digest:

  • 1,506% in Keurig Green Mountain from Mike Cintolo, Cabot Top Ten Trader
  • 1,111% in Netflix from Ron Rowland, All-Star Investor
  • 857% in Baidu from Charles B. Carlson, CFA, Drip Investor
  • 728% in Valeant Pharmaceuticals from Ronald Sadoff, Major Trends
  • 778% in Apple from Alan B. Lancz, The Lancz Letter
  • 683% in Questcor from Richard Schmidt, Stellar Stocks Alert
  • 545% in SanDisk from Bruce Kaser, Cabot Turnaround Letter
  • 520% in Chipotle from Patrick McKeough, Stock Pickers Digest
  • 389% in Headwaters from Nick Hodge, Alternative Energy Speculator
  • 367% in Core Labs from Joseph Parnes, Shortex Market Letter
  • 370% in Southwest from Sam Subramaniam, Alpha Profit Sector Investors
  • 381% in Amazon from Elliott Gue, Personal Finance
  • 379% in Callon Petroleum from Bill Mathews, The Cheap Investor
  • 304% in United Health from Gray Cardiff, Sound Advice
  • 301% in Cubist from Nate Pile, Nate’s Notes
  • 297% in Webster from Joe Granville, Granville Market Letter
  • 159% in Energen from Richard J. Moroney, Dow Theory Forecasts

Wall Street’s Best Digest is a One-of-a-Kind Advisory!

It’s the perfect sampler of investment advice from Wall Street’s best minds, with opinions and insights you won’t find anywhere else—and without any obligation by you to purchase a thing from these high-powered Wall Street analysts!

With a subscription to Wall Street’s Best Digest, you get:

  • Best stock recommendations from the top 200 Wall Street investing gurus—get the best advice from Wall Street wizards who know their stuff. From growth stocks and income stocks to emerging markets and turnaround opportunities, you’ll have a wide range of recommendations to fit your own investing philosophy.
  • Monthly market update, more than 30 top recommendations per issue—get the monthly issues of Wall Street’s Best Digest, delivered to your email inbox and filled with specific recommendations about stocks to consider—complete with our analysis and the context of each recommendation.
  • Daily Investment Alert—featuring the current best stock-buying opportunities and alerts about buy-hold-sell recommendations, so you never miss the latest and best opportunities
  • Head-to-head market views from top Wall Street experts—get market and economic perspectives and analysis from the top gurus, so you can compare and contrast each opinion through your own lens.
  • Early Warning Alerts—access to our barometer for both market and sector changes, long before you read or hear about them in the financial media.
  • The Guru Consensus—consensus picks of the top Wall Street investment gurus. Valuable advice that you can’t find ANYWHERE else!
  • Subscribers-only Website—get instant access to all of the content from Wall Street’s Best Digest. Back issues of the monthly digest and the complete history of Daily Alerts.


Wall Street's Best Digest

TODAY ONLY: Get the Best Stock Picks of Wall Street’s Top 200 Investing Gurus!

Be one of the next 37 people to respond—before all the spots are taken!


Plus, Every Monthly Issue and Daily Alert Is the Best Way to Get Advice You Used to Get at Conferences Like The Money Show

Times have changed. The global health crisis has affected everything from workplace arrangements, family visits, and conferences like The Money Show.

Well, great news! Wall Street’s Best Digest delivers so much varied advice and perspectives that it’s practically like attending one of The Money Show conferences and hearing all the experts.

And maybe you’ve seen me speak at The Money Show events in the past. Well, now you can get all of the analysis and recommendations in Wall Street’s Best Digest.

I’ve been lecturing and advising about investments for a long time! From seminars and conferences to being interviewed by industry publications and writing about and recommending stocks in a wide variety of publications, I’ve done it all!

And I always work with the perspective and goal of helping individuals become better investors. To make more money in the stock market, so that you’ll have a huge nest egg for a more enjoyable retirement.

Your financial freedom and security is always top-of-mind for me!

And that’s why Wall Street’s Best Digest is so valuable! Because you can get all the best advice from top Wall Street gurus, and not just shoveled at you—it all comes with careful review, analysis, and commentary from me and my team. So that you benefit from all this advice in actionable ways. And without having your identity revealed for some high-pressure sales pitch!

The Most Affordable Way to Get Advice from Wall Street Gurus

Imagine if you had to hire 200 top Wall Street gurus on your own! Not only would it take you a lot of time to hire them, it would also cost you a lot of money. In the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

So, congratulations! You’re eligible for a subscription—if you’re one of the next 37 people to respond—to Wall Street’s Best Digest, for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire all these gurus yourself! You’ll save time and money!

Right now, you can get Wall Street’s Best Digest for just $197 for a whole year.

I think if you care about making big money in the stock market, subscribing now is a no-brainer! Plus, we really do care about helping you—so, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

Our goal is to help you make big money in the stock market—and because we’re so confident about our advice and all the content from Wall Street’s top gurus, we stand by Wall Street’s Best Digest as a valuable one-of-a-kind source.

So, if you feel that we are not delivering on our promise to bring you the best stock recommendations of Wall Street’s top investment advisors, you can cancel at any time without any further obligation, no questions asked!

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

So, if you’re interested making big profits from the top picks of Wall Street’s 200 leading advisors that a subscription to Wall Street’s Best Digest brings you, I hope you’ll act quickly and secure your seat NOW.

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Welcome aboard,

Nancy Zambell
Wall Street’s Best Digest

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Wall Street's Best Digest

TODAY ONLY: Get the Best Stock Picks of Wall Street’s Top 200 Investing Gurus!

Be one of the next 37 people to respond—before all the spots are taken!