What’s keeping you from living a
dream retirement to age 95
and beyond—without fear?

If you’re worried your money could run out before your time . . .

You’re not alone.  Especially in today’s economy.
In fact, millions of people over 50 will come up short.
Meeting basic expenses will become a nightmare.
Their children will have to support many of them. Or worse.
Every year many, I regret to say, will become homeless.

Now good news: Decisions you make today can lock in your security.

What if I told you that with smart investment practices and solid personal finances, you can create a sumptuous and secure dream retirement . . . in utter happiness?
What if I told you: You can double your nest egg over the next 5 years safely?
You can live to 95 . . . or 105 . . . with zero financial worries!
My plan can even help you bequeath your grandchildren a small fortune.

Learn the secret to doubling your nest egg in just 5 years.

This isn’t a fantasy . . . or a come-on. It’s based on hard facts and proven strategies.
It’s for people like you—who want to put their investments and finances in order
once and for all.
It’s for people who want to achieve financial security—and wealth—
once and for all.
It’s for people who have the desire and will to finally take control.

Introducing the Federation Platinum Club

Dear Retirement Investor:

You don’t know me, but I specialize in helping conservative investors—people planning for retirement—to dramatically and safely increase their nest eggs.

Over the decades, I’ve advised thousands of people over age 50 secure their futures and create dream-come-true retirements.

When I tell you my advice can help you double your retirement savings in just five years, I’m not exaggerating.

In fact, if you’d followed my stock market advice alone over the past year, you’d be on track to quadruple your net worth.

But increasing your wealth is not just about investing in the stock market. It’s also about protecting what you already have.

If you’re worried you could lose your nest egg—or you could run out of money at age 70 or 80 or 90—you’re smart to be concerned.

Today’s uncertain stock market and global economy make many people shudder.

Inflation is at a 13-year high . . . and moving higher.

The stock market plunges, then recovers—then jumps all over the place. It feels like anything could happen.

No wonder millions of investors—especially those with no solid strategy—fear losing their retirement savings . . . or coming up short in old age.

I’m here to tell you: It doesn’t have to happen to you.

But here’s an undeniable truth: The longer you wait to put your financial house in order, the more difficult it will be to secure your future.

Let me put it another way:

Time is on your side if you act now.
Every day you delay . . . threatens your retirement security.

Is your wealth stagnating?
Learn why the nest eggs of so many investors fail to grow—and so many actually lose value!

Too many retirement investors fear the unknown future . . . for two good reasons:

1) They lack an investment strategy that protects them from loss, yet at the same time multiplies their nest egg . . .


2) They fail to manage their personal finances—insurance policies, social security, retirement savings, personal spending, and long-term care—which causes them to actually lose money!

These two simple mistakes cost retirement investors billions of dollars a year.

If you can relate to either—or both—of these pitfalls . . . if you could benefit from improving in these two critical areas . . . please read on.

Let me tell you why I’m absolutely confident our economy will continue to thrive—how it will help disciplined investors prosper . . . and achieve greater wealth than ever before.

Let me explain how you can easily—and safely—double your retirement savings over the coming 5 years.

Two ways the Federation Platinum Club helps you create a fool-proof plan—once and for all—for a prosperous retirement

This letter has the power to change your life.

Especially your net worth and feelings of security in your retirement years.

If you’re ready—finally—to put your retirement plan in order . . . our Platinum Club makes it easy . . . even enjoyable.

I think you’ll especially enjoy the feeling of power that comes from taking control . . . and seeing your assets growing larger every single day.

You see, the Platinum Club gives you easy-to-implement tools that put you in charge of the two most critical keys to a successful retirement:

1) Wealth-Building Strategies: Platinum Club helps you invest only in the safest stocks, ETFs and mutual funds . . . which also happen to provide returns far above average—investments to ensure you double your wealth in the next five years.

2) Personal Finance Mastery: Platinum Club also gives you inside tips, techniques and strategies for getting a grip on every aspect of your personal finances—so you don’t lose money to procrastination, poor decisions or financial industry rip-offs.

By taking control of these two elements in your life, I’m confident you can double your net assets over the coming 60 months. Here’s why:

Learn the secret to doubling your wealth in the coming five years—why I say it’s easy . . . and how you can start doing it today

Does it sound like pie-in-the-sky to double your nest egg in just five years?

It’s not. In fact, if you set a modest goal for your profit returns—and stick to it—you can see your wealth double, and in many cases even triple.

To see what I mean, picture this:

Let’s say you start with $100,000 (your actual number doesn’t matter—go with me . . . )

If you can manage just a 15% annual return on your investments . . . of any amount . . . within 5 years you’ll have doubled your money.

It’s not magic. It’s simple math. Here’s how to turn $100,000 into more than $200,000:

Start Year 1 = $100,000. Earn 15% on that money. End Year 1 = $115,000
Start Year 2 = $115,000. Earn 15%. End Year 2 = $132,250
Start Year 3 = $132,250. Earn 15%. End Year 3: = $152,087.50
Start Year 4 = $152,087.50. Earn 15%. End Year 4 = $174,900.25
Start Year 5 = $174,900.25. Earn 15%. End Year 5 = $201,135.71 !!!!

Obviously, this compounding effect works with any investment size. $200,000 turns into $400,000+. Half a million dollars turns into MORE than a million dollars.

It’s all easy, if—big IF—your investments earn an average of just 15% per year.

Unfortunately, most inexperienced investors fail to meet this threshold.

Good news: Members of the Platinum Club consistently see returns ABOVE this level. Here’s why:

Our 33 top-pick investments for 2020 delivered exceptional profits—with an average annual return above 35%!

If you’re looking for stock market investments that reliably—and safely—generate profits of 15% or better, I recommend Wall Street’s Best Digest.

You receive this advisory every month as a Federation Platinum Club member benefit.

Our members use this publication to increase their confidence in evaluating the market’s most attractive investment options, industries and strategies.

Most importantly, for someone like yourself, who’s committed to putting their investments in order—and maintaining returns above 15%—I believe you’ll find Wall Street’s Best Digest the perfect advisory.

No wonder: Every year in Wall Street’s Best Digest, we publish the top investment recommendations of more than 30 renowned investment analysts.

These are the brightest stock analysts in the investment industry.

No wonder. Their 33 investment recommendations to our
members are in 2021 already averaging a 35.9% profit.

In January 2020, for example, we alerted our members to the extraordinary potential of Inovio Pharmaceuticals—we published a “buy” recommendation at $3.36.

Six months later, in late June we shared a “sell” advisory for Inovio at $28.32—which yielded a 742% profit to members who followed our advice.

As you can imagine, our Platinum members’ Inovio winnings ALONE exceeded that of all our few disappointments—combined—in 2020.

And we picked many, many more market winners in 2020—stocks like these few examples that helped our Platinum members further fatten their portfolios:

  • Industrial gas equipment manufacturer Chart Industries gave us profits of 67%
  • Piedmont Lithium: this metals producer’s value increased by 166%
  • Rheumatic disease drug maker Horizon Therapeutics soared by 94% last year
  • The Trade Desk, innovator in advertising technology jumped,181% in 2020

If you had invested $3,000 in each of the 33 top stock picks from Wall Street’s Best Digest, your $99,000 would have turned into $134,541—in just one year!

That’s more than double the target 15% annual return needed to double your wealth.

But these stock picks are just the beginning of the investment advice Platinum Club members receive.

My ultra-conservative investment portfolios are running at a 64.9%
annualized profit to Platinum Club members.
How do your returns compare?

I tell retirement investors that when you become a member of the Platinum Club you can stop worrying about your investments.

Certainly, the year’s top stock tips that you receive annually in our Wall Street’s Best Digest give Platinum members a new sense of confidence in their investments.

But here’s another reason you can stop worrying:

Platinum Club members also receive another investment advisory: Wall Street’s Best Stocks.

In this publication, you’ll see our exclusive “in-house” investment portfolio of ETFs and stocks.

In this portfolio, we currently “hold” just 20 hand-picked positions total.

These stocks have undergone Wall Street’s Best’s most rigorous analysis for both safety . . . and profit potential.

It’s no surprise to me that these stocks have performed magnificently this year.

Let me give you some examples of how our hand-picked portfolio stock recommendations have helped our members increase their wealth in recent years.

While we’re long-term investors, we also believe in taking profits while the getting is good.

Here are a few funds we sold recently that delivered spectacular profits to Wall Street’s Best subscribers who followed our advice:

  • We added the T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth mutual fund to our portfolio in February and sold it just four months later at an 88% profit.
  • Members who followed our advice and bought Needham Small Cap Retail Class earlier this year saw an 87% gain when we sold it in May.
  • Also this year, we advised members to sell their holdings in the ETF Technology Sector SPDR . . . and those who came with us realized a 219% gain.

When was the last time your investments yielded increases like these?

How valuable would it be to receive a steady flow of guidance on ETF and mutual fund investments like these?

Subscribers to Wall Street’s Best were pleased this year as well when we closed out our positions in:

  • Consumer packed goods behemoth Unilever PLC at a 39% profit
  • Natural gas marketer Clean Energy Fuels, which, after holding it for just 4 years delivered subscribers a whopping 419% gain
  • Cannabidiol therapeutics leader cbdMD for a profit of 80%

Remember, If you had invested just one thousand dollars in each of the 20 securities currently in our two private portfolios, your $20,000 would be on track to increase in value to $32,980 by year’s end—nearly a 65% average annualized return.

$100,000 is slated to turn into $164,900.

Do the math with your assets. How fast would a 64.9% return multiply your wealth?

Even better: Our 64.9% composite annualized profit is more than four times your 15% target yield for doubling your assets.

At this rate, you would more than increase your wealth by 1,200% in just five years.

✔ $100,000 would turn into $1,219,279.52.

✔ Half a million dollars would turn into more than $6 million.

But here’s the best news: Every one of the investments we recommend rock-solid fundamental value. Every one has momentum for a spectacular future.


But first read my warning:
Don’t get me wrong. Don’t get greedy.

When I say you can stop worrying about your investments, I mean no more stress. No more nightmares.

I mean financial confidence based on knowledge and wisdom.

But I don’t say you can turn a blind eye to growing your wealth.

I don’t say that joining the Platinum Club will automatically multiply your assets.

You wouldn’t believe me if I did.

To the contrary. The Platinum Club is all about helping you focus . . . focus on the rare investments that combine iron-clad safety with extraordinary upside potential.

You already know this: We have to pay attention, and we have to act rationally.

My team and I are here to help you do just that.

With some of the smartest, proven-successful investment information anywhere.

As a Platinum Club member, you receive a constant stream of inside advice about the most promising ETFs, mutual funds and stocks in today’s market.

We also make specific buy, sell and hold recommendations on those investments—those we consider the crème de la crème. You’ll find them in our portfolio.

You can be confident this investment advice is backed by exhaustive research.
And it’s governed by our ultra-conservative wealth-preservation sensibilities.

Above all, you can rest assured . . . because—as I’ve outlined above—Federation stock market analysts have an astounding track record of profitable stock-picking performance.

Let me also be clear: Our experience, our past performance and our rigorous stock-picking methods don’t mean we never pick losers. Nobody never picks losers.

But it does mean that our winners consistently make up for any lackluster performers.

In short, I predict as a Platinum member your success rate will skyrocket.

More important: I predict you’ll easily meet or exceed your target investment return rate of 15% per year . . . which will help you double—or more—your retirement nest egg.


Please allow me to introduce myself—and explain how the Federation offers a superior alternative to investment advisors and financial planners

If you’ve read this far, I suspect you like the idea of finally taking control of your investments and personal finances.

If so, you may be asking yourself some important questions about me and the Federation:

Before I tell you about how the Platinum Club can help you put your personal finances in order—and potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars a year in missed opportunities and wasted consulting fees . . . let me present our credentials.

Who is writing this letter . . . and why should you trust me?

My name is Nancy Zambell. I’m the Chief Analyst at Cabot Wealth’s Federation.

I’ve been analyzing stocks and helping individual investors increase their wealth by tens of millions of dollars for more than 30 years.

I’ve founded and written for dozens of investment publications and have been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today and Business Week.

As a regular contributor to MoneyShow.com for many years, I met, picked the brains of and shared ideas with the world’s most renowned financial experts, as well as multi-millionaire investors.

I’ve made millions of dollars for my subscribers —the result exclusively of successful investments.

You can find many of my investment secrets in my book, “Making Money Buying and Selling Stocks.”

Finally, I’m the founding editor of the Federation and as such manage Wall Street’s Best Digest, Wall Street’s Best Stocks and the Federation’s monthly investing and financial lifestyle magazine.

How does the Federation help you?

The Federation was started by Cabot Wealth Network, one of the oldest, most respected U.S. publishers of financial advisory services.

Whether you’re retired yet or not, investing in the stock market and wisely managing your personal finances is the most pleasurable AND profitable way to achieve financial independence.

But to be truly free, you need to invest on your own—independent of advisors or other services who want a share of your wealth to babysit your assets.

The Federation gives you powerful, proven tools and resources to increase your profits in the stock market and achieve your financial goals.

Our Platinum Club is your lodestar on this journey to independence.

Members receive action-oriented investing advice and personal finance wisdom to help you achieve an extraordinarily rewarding lifestyle . . . now and in retirement.

I’ll give you more details about this exciting journey below.

Couldn’t you just as easily hire a stock broker or “wealth manager” to handle your investments? 

I’m biased. You see, I’ve known lots of stock brokers and portfolio managers.

They can be nice people. But most are a waste of money for retirement investors.

First, these advisors usually handle 30 to 50 clients—each involving 20-40 stocks, ETFs or mutual funds—or more.

That means they have to manage up to 2,000 different investments.

Managing thousands of investments is simply impossible. No one has that much time.

Second, most investment advisors fail to perform as well as the S&P 500!

Let me repeat that: Most investment advisors’ portfolios perform WORSE than the overall stock market.

By contrast, our Federation portfolio of just 20 total top-rated stocks is vastly outperforming the S&P 500 (now running at about a 15% gain in 2021).

Third, to put salt in the wound, full-service investment advisors often charge up to 2% of your total portfolio per year.

On a $300,000 portfolio, that’s $6,000 a year! Can you really afford that?

Is that where you want your money to go?

If you’ve ever spoken with a stock broker or portfolio manager—or if you’ve ever used one—you know I’m telling the truth.

Most cannot beat our track record. Most charge thousands of dollars. Even better . . .

Platinum Club members spend a FRACTION of this amount for both expert investment advice AND personal finance planning and guidance.

Do you really need a financial planner?

The most important job a financial planner does is force you to PAY ATTENTION to 8 critical areas of your personal finances related to retirement.

Most financial planners will charge between $2,000 and $7,000 to create a financial plan for you—that addresses these 8 areas—depending on your current situation.

Alternatively, Platinum Club members get a steady stream of reminders and solutions to these same top personal finance issues . . . and many more.

Let me make it simple.

To ensure your retirement goes smoothly—and that you retain every penny possible from your precious nest egg—you’ll need to make the right decisions on these 8 issues:

  1. Insurance (life, health, auto, long-term care)
  2. Estate planning (avoid taxes, retain flexibility, leave something for your heirs)
  3. Control personal spending (budgeting, buy only what you “need”)
  4. Manage borrowing and debt (interest rates, sources of repayment)
  5. Make a retirement plan (target date, lifestyle goals)
  6. Buy the right home, cars and luxuries (what can you really afford?)
  7. Invest regular amounts (consistency is more important than amount)
  8.  Minimize taxes (shelters, cash flow, gifting)

You ignore these factors at your peril: Retirees lose billions of dollars every year by making bad choices—or no choices—or by getting legally swindled.

Here’s the good news: If you pay attention to these 8 factors—AND MAKE SOUND DECISIONS—and you can save yourself millions of dollars.

Let me say it again: Millions of dollars back in your pocket. For your retirement.

Ever better: They issues are not complicated to manage—if you have a bit of guidance.

You just need to attend to them and use proven, “street-smart” wisdom for your decisions.

In short, you don’t need to spend $7,000 (or even $4,000) for a “financial plan.”

As a Platinum Club member—for a fraction of that fee—you’ll get proven, time-tested strategies for managing all your personal finances.

Expert advice from people you can trust.


Do you make any of these disastrous personal finance mistakes?
You won’t make them if you’re a Platinum Club member.

The last thing you want as you approach retirement is to lose the savings and investments you’ve counted on for your future happiness and security.

Yet so many retirees lose with their left hand what they earned with their right.

As I say: Don’t put your nest egg in a sieve that drains your dreams!

The solution: Pay attention to my 8 Pillars of Smart Personal Finance.

As a Platinum member, this will be easy for you.

Because we keep our members on top of changes in laws and regulations affecting them, as well as proven wisdom for protecting their wealth.

In fact, you’ll receive updates, briefs and how-to special reports, like these below, that help you avoid common, costly errors . . . and keep a firm grip on your precious assets.

You’ll see as you review these issues: The stakes are high. Your actions can swing your wealth by millions of dollars.

Platinum Club makes sure you swing it in directions that multiply your wealth . . . not drain it. 


How you manage your life, health, auto, long-term care and other insurance can affect your assets by millions of dollars. As a Platinum Club member, you’ll receive regular reports like these—and dozen’s more—for preserving and multiplying your nest egg.

Are you foolishly passing up your employer’s supplemental life insurance option? Who is a supplemental policy good for . . . and who is it not? What 3 things should you research before buying?

Did you get fooled into buying cheap auto liability insurance? Too-cheap liability insurance is a red flag. Learn how to evaluate how much liability coverage you need and the right price to pay.


You want to hold on to your wealth today, use as much as possible in retirement, and leave appropriate amounts for your heirs who may need it. Learn best estate planning practices and strategies in reports like these that all Platinum members receive:

Have you neglected creating or updating your estate plan? That’s exactly what Uncle Sam and your state are hoping—so they’ll get an unfair share. Learn how—and when—to get help with your plan.

Don’t wait to take these 3 steps to avoid estate taxes. Why pay more than you have to—and why delay? These measures are easy and can save you millions


Some people promptly start spending sprees upon retirement, some waste money slowly but surely. You’ll profit from the cautionary tales, plus practical spending and budget advice you receive as a Platinum member—in regular dispatches like these:

Is your spouse squandering your retirement savings? Too often one spouse takes charge of expenses—and overspends. To prevent depletion of your nest egg, adopt this rule now!

Have you miscalculated your retirement budget? Many retirees underestimate their life expectancy AND their expenses. Here are 5 things to consider so you set realistic expectations.


Debt creates a false sense of wealth. Interest payments steal your assets stealthily. But Platinum Club members will avoid these traps by using our steady stream of advice like this for staying clear of dangerous borrowing and debt:

Do you commit these devastating credit card no-nos? Credit cards are great if you treat them with respect: Adopt these policies to keep them from wreaking havoc on your retirement.

Avoid using student loan money for living expenses! This mistake could compromise your finances: Use these 4 solutions to prevent racking up excessive student debt—your own . . . or your children’s.


Perhaps no other factor impacts a rewarding, satisfying retirement than early planning— while you have options and flexibility. It’s never too late start! That’s why you’ll receive dozens of strategic planning tips like these, every month as a Platinum member:

Why your investment plan needs to change after retirement. How to modify your plan BEFORE you retire to protect your nest egg, avoid taxes and insure cash flow.

Don’t squander your 401(k) retirement fund benefits. Your 401(k) is a great gift to retirees—but many fail to supercharge their potential returns. Follow our 6 steps to make sure you get every penny you deserve.


While retirement should allow you to live life to its fullest, it doesn’t mean “buy whatever you want.” A dream retirement also means careful spending, since your funds are finite. Platinum Club members will get plenty of tips like these to keep things under control:

The hard truth about zero-down and reverse mortgages: Before you take on one of these novelty mortgages, read this analysis carefully: Chances are, you’ll reject them.


While a savings plan over your earning lifetime is the first rule, you’ll also want to invest as much as you’re able—but how much is that exactly? Platinum members learn how to balance earnings, retirement dreams, your age and good sense with reports like these:

Are you putting too little income into your retirement account? What’s “normal,” what’s practical? Calculate what you need to fund your ideal retirement.

Stop your monthly investment contributions upon retirement? Does it make sense to use Social Security, loans or other income to fund further investments? Here’s how to make those crucial decisions.


No one should pay more taxes than Uncle Sam requires—but millions of Americans do just that unknowingly! Busy tax preparers also often miss chances to cut their clients’ tax bill. As a Platinum Club member, you’ll learn of dozens of ways to curb your taxes:

7 strategies you can use now to slash taxes in retirement: The game changes once you’re retired, so consider taking these steps now before the door closes on you.

Will the new Biden tax plan hurt or help you? Learn what you can do to stay on the right side of probable changes in the tax code.


As a Platinum Club member, you’ll get exclusive wealth-preserving reports, tips and strategies like these above by the scores in daily and weekly updates . . .

Every month you’ll also receive a new issue of the Federation’s magazine, an online resource to keep you focused on the top personal finance issues of the day—plus how to navigate them to preserve and increase your assets.

Double your investment nest egg, master your personal finances.
Do both to make sure your retirement savings last a lifetime.

You’re still reading this letter—I assume—because you’d like to double your wealth (or more) in the next five years.

Good news: If you follow the Federation’s 15%-annual investment strategy I’ve outlined here—using the ultra-conservative growth advice we provide to Platinum Club members—I’m confident you’ll succeed.

I also assume you’re willing to dedicate a bit of serious attention to your personal finances—especially the 8 Pillars I’ve outlined here.

Do that, and I believe you’re assured of adding tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars more to your retirement savings.

It all adds up to the kind of financial independence that ensures a happy, fulfilling—and secure—lifestyle in your retirement years.

It also means your nest egg will exceed your needs, no matter how long you live.

I hope you agree that the path to financial freedom is clear:

  1. Safe, steady, well-researched growth investments.
  2. Smarter, more focused personal finances.

The only question remaining: How STRONG is your commitment to this bright future?

Your future. Your happiness. And the security of your loved ones.

Before I leave you, let me help you gather your thoughts about how your Platinum Club membership will speed—and ease—this exciting, momentous journey.


Here are the powerful tools you’ll use as a Federation Platinum member to double your retirement nest egg.

As you know, all successful journeys start with a single step.

Now . . . we’ve reached your departure point.

If you’re ready to take control of your financial future . . .

If you’re ready to double your retirement wealth . . .

If you’re ready to start learning about stocks that not only have excellent upside potential—15% per year or more—but are also safe and solid . . .

AND if you’re ready to assume control of the 8 Pillars of Personal Finances—so you protect your assets from bad deals, neglect and poor decisions . . .

Your path is clear . . . and we’re here to help make your journey a smooth one.

Remember, our goal—and YOURS—is to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your net worth over the coming five years.

Here’s how your membership in the Platinum Club ensures your success each step of the way:

✓ Immediate access to our exclusive model portfolio  from Wall Street’s Best Stocks so you can see and use all our current recommendations and start increasing your wealth immediately

Best Stocks Model Portfolio: Our Hand-Picked Recommendations

    • Rigorously researched
    • Ultra-conservative
    • Average 2021 mid-year stocks’ value gain: 36.5% (full year projected: 73%)

✓ Monthly issues of the Federation’s magazine keep you poised to take advantage of new investment and personal finance strategies . . . and avoid rip-offs and scams.

Subscriptions to the magazine are $49 per year, but the publication is free to you as a Platinum member

✓ Monthly issues of Wall Street’s Best Digest give you investment strategies and actual stock tips from the smartest analysts on the Street—including their annual 30+ stock picks of the year (which so far this year are averaging a 35.9% return!)

The Digest also gives you a monthly 32,000-ft. overview of the market, so you’re always confident you can see the horizon before the amateur investors.

Subscriptions to Wall Street’s Best Digest are normally $297 per year, but the publication is included at no extra charge to you as a Platinum member.

✓ Monthly issues of Wall Street’s Best Stocks tell you everything you need to know to make smart decisions about your stock investments . . .

You get concise updates on the major stock exchanges, industry sector performance, reports on stocks you should buy, sell or hold, plus a quick review of our model portfolio.

Subscriptions to Wall Street’s Best Stocks are normally $397 per year, but the publication is included at no extra charge to you as a Platinum member.

✓ Exclusive Monthly Membership Call for Platinum Members: Pose questions in person on any topic, plus get my inside investment and money management insights.

These calls are a great way to meet others like you, hear their questions and personally pick the brains of experts—at no charge for members. Value: Possibly tens of thousands of dollars in investment wisdom.

✓ Weekly updates and alerts featuring the latest news and opinions on our current investment recommendations, as well as advice on high-stakes personal finance issues.

✓ 24/7 online access to the private  Platinum Club website for access to your current issues—and back issues, plus . . .

Gain access to our library of dozens of special reports on investing and personal finance—use it to answer your most pressing—or basic—questions, day or night

✓ Direct access to us for answers to your questions. You’ll have my personal email address so you can get answers and guidance when you need them.


Take your first step toward doubling your nest egg . . .
and allow me to slash your membership fee by 29%

A few minutes ago, I promised that this letter would change your life.

I put real substance behind that promise when I suggested that we set the initial goal of doubling your retirement savings in just 5 years.

If you have a nest egg of just $100,000, that would increase by $100,000 to $200,000.

$250,000 would become $500,000 . . . and so on.

My point is that the stakes here are high. You want to ensure you have enough money to retire with comfort and security—no matter how long you live.

You now have a way to fulfill your goal.

By joining the Federation as a Platinum member, you stand to gain tens of thousands of dollars . . . perhaps even hundreds of thousands, depending on where you start.

For this reason, I’m sure if I told you that Platinum Club membership costs just $2,499, you wouldn’t be surprised.

But this isn’t a club for high rollers . . . or the already-rich. It’s for careful, conservative investors who want to make safe, wealth-building decisions with low risk.

In fact, the subscriptions in the Platinum Club membership normally cost only $743.

While I’m sure you’d agree that this is a small price to pay for potential returns of 10, 20, or 200 times that amount, I want you to see how Platinum membership will dramatically boost your wealth in the coming 12 months.

Join now and cut your membership fee by 33%—pay just $497—a $246 discount!

That’s not a typo. Charter Membership in our Platinum Club is priced low so you can see the value . . . and test the value.

I’ve already listed the publications you’ll use as tools in your journey to doubling your wealth:

Financial Freedom Magazine – annual subscription             $49

Wall Street’s Best Digest – annual subscription                     $297

Wall Street’s Best Stocks – annual subscription                    $397

YOU POCKET A TOTAL VALUE OF                              $743

You read correctly. When you become a Financial Freedom Federation Platinum member, you . . .

First, cut 33% off the regular $743 subscription fee, saving $246 . . .

Second get access to monthly membership meetings that offer priceless advice . . .  and yet you . . .

Third, pay only $497 (less than the value of the subscriptions!)

It’s a pretty unbeatable offer, but we can—and will do better.


Let me help kick start your journey to doubling your wealth:
These three FREE reports will help ensure you actually do it

Many people make resolutions to improve themselves—their happiness, their bodies, their wealth.

But so often, they get bogged down and fail to execute.

If you’re with me this far, I know you’re determined to succeed.

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Nancy Zambell
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