These 2 REITs Pay Dividends Every Month!

This new Investor Briefing reveals the identity of two REITs that deliver reliable monthly income—and many other ways to make income with dividend stocks of all types!

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Income investors are in a tough spot right now. The interest rates on CDs and savings accounts are negligible and won’t even keep pace with inflation. At the same time, bonds (while offering slightly higher yields) are staring ahead to a market that will almost certainly bring rising interest rates and lower bond prices.

Meanwhile, the equity market’s choppy trading and rotation can easily give you the feeling that you’re playing musical chairs, and the music has been going on for too long.

Fortunately, there may be a good answer to the current environment: monthly-paying REITs.

While the market is high priced in nose-bleed territory, some of the very best income-paying stocks on the market are still reasonably valued. REITs have vastly underperformed the market in this recovery so far. They have been neglected by investors as technology stocks dominated in the early part of the recovery, and cyclical stocks drove the market over the past several months.

But times are changing. Investors are realizing the value in an expensive market. REITs are the best performing sector of the S&P 500 over a three-month period earlier this year, and the second best sector for one month earlier this year. Now, the sector offers momentum as well as value.

Despite the current income investor conundrum, you can actually find a high monthly income from some of the very best income-producing securities on the market. Get two of the best monthly-paying REITs, revealed in our new Investor Briefing Earn Big Dividends to Ensure Your Happy Retirement.

And you can get advice about dividend-paying stocks of all kinds—in our Investor Briefing Earn Big Dividends to Ensure Your Happy Retirement. This Investor Briefing includes:

The Earn Big Dividends to Ensure Your Happy Retirement Investor Briefing includes valuable advice about how to plan for dividend income—now and in the future, so you are guaranteed to have a prosperous retirement.

This Investor Briefing Earn Big Dividends to Ensure Your Happy Retirement is ready for you to access now, to discover how to make money and secure happy years for your retirement. Read it now!

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