Highlighting Wall Street’s Best Digest’s Top Picks

Join Nancy Zambell as she discusses the top picks in Wall Street's Best Digest, sector performance, and the importance of stock picking.

In today’s video, Wall Street’s Best and Financial Freedom Federation’s Editor-in-Chief Nancy Zambell highlights some of the best-performing picks previously featured in Wall Street’s Best Digest, which boasted a total return of 47.2% and 242.5% for the advisory and the Top 5 picks respectively. Nancy then breaks down a handful of leading sectors, including retail and consumer stocks and explores some lagging sectors like energy and materials which both appear to be taking a much-needed breather. Nancy continues by discussing the importance of stock picking in the current environment, touches briefly on the recent “meme” stock phenomenon and closes out with a measure of current investor sentiment.

The stocks referenced in this discussion were previously recommended and should not be considered current recommendations. To learn what Nancy and her top-performing analysts are recommending today, subscribe to Wall Street’s Best Stocks now!

How have you been making your investing picks in today’s choppy market?

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