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Nancy Zambell has spent 30 years educating and helping individual investors navigate the minefields of the financial industry. She has created and/or written numerous investment publications, including UnDiscovered Stocks, UnTapped Opportunities, and Nancy Zambell’s Buried Treasures under $10. Nancy has worked with MoneyShow.com for many years as an editor and interviewer for their on-site video studios.

As a lecturer and educator, Nancy has led seminars for individual investors at the National Association of Investors, Investment Expo and the Money Show. She has also taught finance, economics and banking at the college level, and has been quoted extensively in The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today, and BusinessWeek.

Nancy's book, Make Money Buying & Selling Stocks is an introduction for new investors and a reminder for experienced investors on how to profit in the stock market.

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Buying an Investment Property

Buying an Investment Property

Real estate ownership is one of the most reliable ways for most Americans to generate wealth. Whether you’re a middle-class homeowner watching your home price appreciate year after year or  
Finding the Best Crypto ETF

Finding the Best Crypto ETF

Investor and institutional interest in cryptocurrencies has rapidly been gaining steam, and with the direct listing of Coinbase (COIN) you may be wondering how to participate in the growth of  

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As Richard Moroney of Dow Theory Forecasts and contributor of our Spotlight Stock said, housing demand is still going up, up, up! And buyers are beginning to boost demand for larger  

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SELL Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) | Daily Alert April 6 Updated from WSBD 829, May 21, 2020 We’re taking some winners off the table. Sell Zynga. Ian Cooper, The Cheap Investor, support@thecheapinvestor.com, March 27,  

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Brighthouse Financial, Inc. (BHFAO) | Daily Alert March 18 Brighthouse Financial, Inc.; 6.75% Fixed Rate, Non-Cumulative Perpetual; Par $25.00; Annual Cash Dividend $1.6875; Current Indicated Yield 6.26%; Call Date 06/25/25 at  

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OrganiGram Holdings Inc. (OGI) | Daily Alert April 6 There are plenty of reasons to own cannabis stocks, like OrganiGram Holdings. First, not only is OGI technically oversold, but a subsidiary