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Clif Droke

Clif Droke is a staff analyst for Cabot Wealth Network. For over 20 years, he has worked as a writer, analyst and editor of several market-oriented advisory services and has written several books on technical trading in the stock market, including “Channel Buster: How to Trade the Most Profitable Chart Pattern” and “The Stock Market Cycles.”

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The One Thing Keeping Silver Prices Down

The One Thing Keeping Silver Prices Down

Although silver has maintained relative strength versus gold and appears to be in the process of establishing a bottom, the white metal remains below its key (25- and 50-day) moving  

What’s Causing the Dollar Short Squeeze?

The month of June saw a fairly significant decline in the price of precious and industrial metals, which is broadly being attributed to a “short squeeze” in the USD. Gold  

New Recommendations/ Updates

As is often the case with the white metal, some of the biggest “blue-chip” silver mining stocks have been leading the physical silver market lower.  
5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Gold

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Gold

Owning gold is a great way to diversify your portfolio while also insuring against an uncertain economic outlook. But as with all investments, known when to buy is important and