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All About Retirement Planning for Financial Freedom

Retirement planning used to involve saving money for retirement and counting down the days until moving in with your children and becoming full-time grandparents. But as we became more mobile, and young people pursued careers far from where they grew up, families were split, with parents and their children often living hundreds—if not thousands—of miles from each other.

That trend seems to be reversing. Baby boomers are moving to be close to their adult children and grandchildren, sometimes to assist with child rearing, as well as financial support. Many times, that’s a second move for retirees. When their children begin having babies, grandparents often want to be close to participate more fully in their grandchildren’s activities. Although that isn’t always the final solution, as young folks may continue to move around as their careers progress, causing a dilemma for the parents who have followed them.

But grandchildren aren’t the only factor in retirement planning, especially if you don’t have and don’t plan to have kids. In retirement you hope you have enough money to live on to maintain a comfortable life. Maybe you want to stay in your home, or maybe you want to sell and more somewhere warm and tropical. To do this you can do any number of things, and most of them involve a little frugality now in order to invest in your future.

To learn more about retirement planning, read our articles covering every angle of this topic below. And if you want to learn more about planning your financial future, download One Simple Thing You Can Do to Worry Less About Retirement for FREE today! If you enjoy what you learn and would like to join our community of like-minded people like yourself who are planning their financial freedom, I recommend joining the Financial Freedom Federation Gold Club.

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