All About Investing in Insurance

Health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, life insurance … there’s no shortage of ways to insure yourself or your property, but do you know which types of insurance are worth the extra investment?

Investing in insurance is a necessity we all have in our lives, whether it’s legally required or just smart based on our risk factors for needing it. But there’s an endless number of ways to spend money on insurance, and really only a few that are completely necessary, like health insurance, car insurance and home insurance. The add-ons that insurance companies try to sell you aren’t always worth your dollar though, and that monthly cost can add up over time.

For those without health insurance, you live in fear of falling ill or getting injured because of the expense of a hospital visit. A single medical event could put you in a financial hole that takes years to get out of. For those people, short-term medical insurance exists, and offers the relief of knowing you can get medical care if you need it, without the anxiety of burdensome medical bills.

Living without insurance is most certainly not the path to financial freedom, it’s a one-way ticket to debt you may never be able to repay, which is why it’s smart to get savvy on where to spend your insurance dollars.

To learn more about insurance, read our articles covering every angle of this topic below. And if you want to learn more about planning your financial future, download 5 Steps to Your Financial Freedom for FREE today! If you enjoy what you learn and would like to join our community of like-minded people like yourself who are planning their financial freedom, I recommend joining the Financial Freedom Federation Gold Club.

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