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SELL Thor Industries, Inc. (THO) | Daily Alert July 24

Sell: Thor Industries, Inc. (THO)
Updated from Wall Street’s Best Investments 824, December 18, 2019

Shares of recreational vehicle maker Thor Industries surged to over $109 as the company has reduced its excess inventory and the pandemic is boosting demand for RVs. The shares are fully valued on optimistic 2022 earnings. We moved THO shares to a SELL.

George Putnam III, The Turnaround Letterturnaroundletter.com, 617-573-9550, July 2020


SELL Cigna Corporation (CI) | Daily Alert August 20

Cigna Corporation is in excellent shape and should make big money ahead, but the political situation unfolding could be a problem for CI, and since there are plenty of good insurance stocks to own here, I recommend you sell this one. At some point (after the election) I may buy it back.  SELL CI for now.

Bob Howard, Positive Patterns, P.O. Box 310, Turners, MO 65765, 417-887-4486, August 4, 2020


*SELL Keysight Technologies, Inc. (KEYS)

Updated from WSBI 828, April 16, 2020  – Keysight Technologies shows signs of deteriorating in Quadrix, its Overall rank down to 57 from 81 in April. Keysight delivered disappointing March-quarter results, and the stock’s recent weakness adds to our concern that its June-quarter results could also fall short of expectations. The stock has treaded water in the past month, missing out on the S&P 500 Index’s 6% rally. Keysight is being removed from the Monitored List and should be sold.

Richard Moroney, CFA, Dow Theory Forecasts, dowtheory.com, 800-233-5922, August 10, 2020


*SELL Netflix (NFLX)

Updated from WSBI 827, March 19, 2020 – Netflix (NFLX) is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 193 million paid subscribers in over 190 countries.

We appreciate Netflix’ strong (enormous) lead in subscriber numbers over its growing roster of competitors. We also recognize the immense advantage it has built up and continues to generate by understanding what its subscribers watch – to an extent that no other firm can match.

While the shares may resume their upward march, and we aren’t worried about any serious issues that suggest it should be sold immediately, NFLX shares are no longer undervalued nor undiscovered. We are moving Netflix to Retired.

Bruce Kaser, Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor, cabotwealth.com, 9787455532, July 22, 2020


*SELL 1/3 Twilio (TWLO)

Updated from WSBI 813 – January 16, 2019 – The combination of a good-not-great quarterly report, a large ($1.4 billion) share offering and the general downturn in growth stocks hasn’t been kind to Twilio; indeed, because of the big-volume reversal last week, we decided to book partial profits (selling one-third of our shares).

Still, while we’re always flexible, at this point we’re willing to give the rest of our shares a lot of rope because of (a) the stock’s massive blastoff and run since May, and (b) due to its one-of-a-kind story—Twilio’s communications platform remains in great demand (total revenues up 46%; same-customer revenue growth of 32% in Q2) and there’s no reason to think the firm isn’t going to get much, much bigger as companies of all sizes sign up and increase their usage in order to automate communications (text, emails, voice, etc.) with customers and employees.

Michael Cintolo, Cabot Growth Investor, cabotwealth.com, 978-745-5532, August 13, 2020


*SELL Copart, Inc. (CPRT)

Updated from WSBI 793, May 17, 2017 – Copart has remained in the Index for longer than the prescribed three-year “stock split advantage” would dictate so, reluctantly, I will be deleting this great company from the list. CPRT has delivered a 40+% annualized return for us, making it one of the all-time best performers in the 2 for 1 Index. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the board will announce another split.

Neil Macneale, 2 for 1 Stock Split Newsletter, 2-for-1.com, 408-210-6881, August 2020



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