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This is a penny stock company, so it is more speculative than our regular picks but also has tremendous potential to keep rising higher.

Predictive Technology Group, Inc. (PRED) | Daily Alert July 6
We continue to recommend Predictive Technology Group, Inc. as our 2021 stock pick. The stock is geared toward risk/reward strategy, and the company contains severely undervalued and heavily discounted assets with huge revenue potential.

The company is a therapeutics and life science company, with three divisions: PRED Analytics, Laboratories, and Biotech. Predictive is collaborating with Thermo Fisher (TMO)~$32B in revenue, Illumina (ILMN)~ $3.2B; BGI Genomics (300676~Shenzhen exchange)~$8.3B; Nebula Genomics (private-whole genomic sequencing-better than 23andME, and Ancestry); Dr. George Church, known as the father of synthetic biology; and Inherent Biosciences (private developer of genetic test for Autism from male sperm genetic marker).

The company is in late stage before commercialization for Endometriosis Test (market $2B). The infertility treatment market was $2B in 2020, globally $14.2B. The company’s late stage commercialization, ARTguide, is a participant in the Stem Cell Therapy market, valued worldwide at $14.8 billion. The FDA has banned most Stem Cell sales so PRED may reach for international markets (we assume China).

The global DNA sequencing market accounts for $8.4B in 2020, and is projected $40B by 2030 (Nebula, Inherent, BGI, PRED playing ).
PRED has 300k DNA samples with serious maternal and neonatal disorders (believed to be the largest library in the world. It is valued @ $300/sample. Of that, 45k (Total sequenced DNA Strands are valued @ $1000.00/sample). That’s a hidden $120M!

PRED weathered listing difficulties/ COVID, and in our opinion is on the fast track for rapid expansion in its “field of dreams”. We still remain and continue to rate PRED with a strong speculative buy rating at current levels for extraordinary gains.
William Velmer, S.A. Advisory,, 949-922-9986, June 30, 2021


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