Low-Priced Stocks 845

These two stocks have great growth prospects, but because they have small market caps, they should comprise just a small portion of your overall holdings.

*Carbon Streaming Corporation (NETZ.NE, OFSTF)
An impressive array of both creative and financial energy is behind this fairly new company which—where the latter is concerned—recently announced the closing of a bit over $100 million financing. Among its larger investors are Ross Beaty, Marin Katusa and Osisko Gold Royalties.
The company just finished listing on Canada’s trendy new exchange, the NEO.

In NETZ’s case it is set to make a big, initial splash into the nascent but potentially monstrous market for the voluntary carbon credits regimen.

Take some time to peruse (along with the rest of the site) Carbon Streaming’s Corporate Presentation where, among other things, the company explains the difference between that and the more established system of “Compliance” credit markets. NETZ finances a carbon credit regimen and shares in the rewards.

NETZ’s share price has surged to near C$3.00 in recent days; and may well pull back or at least consolidate/pause somewhat. But the long-term story and potential here are great enough that you need not be too cute in trying to time any correction that may come along.
Chris Temple, The National Investor, nationalinvestor.com, 224-308-2587, August 15, 2021

*Charles & Colvard, Ltd. (CTHR)
Charles & Colvard operates as a fine jewelry company, providing gemstones and jewelry to market through its Forever One™ Moissanite brand and Caydia™ Lab Grown Diamond brand. Its unique differentiator, moissanite—the World’s Most Brilliant Gem®, is core to its environmentally and socially responsible fine jewelry and fashion jewelry.

Charles & Colvard reported solid earnings and revenue growth in the third quarter. Its brand awareness combined with the demand spike for socially responsible jewels generated net sales of $9.4 million for the quarter, up 45% from the same period last year. Net income for the past nine months is $4.4 million, totalling $0.15 earnings per diluted share.

Industry outlook is amazing due to the worldwide acceptance of lab-created gems and increased traffic for online engagement ring shopping. Online engagement ring shopping will be a big catalyst moving forward and should keep driving online sales.

Millennials make up a majority of online traffic and are clearly the key demographic. In fact, 1 in 4 millennials will buy their engagement ring online, and CTHR has put itself in a strong position to capture more market share by launching new websites and focusing on online sales.

The Charles & Colvard business model is shifting from value to growth. While we believe around $2.20 and below is the optimal entry point, the stock is undervalued relative to its competitors. Strong fundamentals and an experienced management team make CTHR a unique long-term investment opportunity with strong potential.
Faris Sleem, The Bowser Report, thebowserreport.com, 757-877-5979, August 2021


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