About Financial Freedom Federation

The Financial Freedom Federation (FFF) was founded in January, 2020 with the goal of helping individuals, couples and families enjoy the lifestyle that comes from finding financial freedom.

The Financial Freedom Federation recognizes that “financial freedom” means different things to different people. Paying off a mortgage and the monthly bills for some. Or it could mean paying for education for children or grandchildren, or planning for a comfortable retirement. For others, it’s having the freedom to buy what they want, travel where they want to go, and do what they want to do.

Wherever your interests fall on the spectrum of financial freedom, FFF was created to help you get there.

FFF is an organization with two levels of membership. Financial Freedom Bronze Membership is free and includes access to FFF basic resources. Financial Freedom Gold Membership includes access to the monthly Financial Freedom Magazine and library, the Financial Freedom Reports, and Financial Freedom Investor Briefings.

Please note that FFF is an entirely member-funded organization. We do not accept money from advertisers, brokers, investment advisors, or taxpayer support. Our sole mission is to serve you.


Edward H. Coburn
Executive Director

Nancy Zambell
Editor in Chief

Nancy Graves
Membership Director